Who is Anon I mus?

Anon I mus has intentionally made himself to be a nameless and faceless non dual teacher in the public. His objective was to stay anonymous, hence ‘Anon I mus’ was cleverly created.  His apparent name, physical form and personal biography are all equally meaningless in the grand scheme of things, for it is just a ‘story’. He states that “in a deeper seeing of spiritual oneness, all is God-the eternal, indivisible Consciousness expressing itself in the temporal garments of form perceived by the mind and senses”.  In becoming spiritually awakened, one does not have any need or desire to seek out any personal credit, recognition or financial gain for sharing spiritual wisdom (universal truths) to those that are suffering. Pointing others back to their divinity is an act of love and should be given without any conditions.

“Spirituality is not for sale! It belongs to no-one in particular and is inherently free of charge for everyone. True spirituality, at its core, is a selfless sharing of Pure, Divine Love. This love is without any conditions and doesn’t cost a dime.”

Anon I mus does not represent a title, person, religious brand or organization. Being spiritually anonymous in the world is a spiritual symbol for teaching others to look beyond their outer form appearances – given birth names, tribal identities, beliefs, social-cultural conditioning, and worldly attachments. In this process deconstructing all the concepts that we have attached to our impersonal Self; we will experience a greater, unconditioned life based on freedom, stillness, peace, harmony and love.  He often depicts himself as being wrapped in gauze (cloth) as a mystical symbol to represent the death and rebirth motif; the death of form identification (the release of the egoic, personal self) and the spiritual rebirth of our pure, formless divine nature.

The work that Anon I mus has been doing, has helped many people throughout the world change the way they look at themselves and embrace a deeper, interconnected reality with all life. People are encouraged to take a radical stand by stepping out of unconscious habit of identification with the stream of thoughts and embrace their still and silent, I AM essence. This creates a gap of witnessing space in the mind to which infinite fields of possibilities can naturally arise out of. In the process of consciously emptying ourselves of form-attachment (stripping away all that we are not); all that will remain is our unconditioned awareness, the sentient space of the present moment.


Anon I mus’ Teachings and Mission

True liberation comes only from the total acceptance of our immeasurable Spirit (behind the appearance of all fleeting names, concepts, memories, events, emotions, dramas and so on) which is our intrinsic divine nature. The greatest victory in life is to discover the vast realm of intelligence existing prior to thought. It is through the deconstruction of our personal self and collective human ego/shadow that was formed over years of habits and conditioning that is our ultimate revolution.  Our spiritual journey of moving away from our body/mind identification back into the source of our true, primordial impersonal essence is what gives us our heartfelt sense of meaning, connection, freedom and purpose.

“The entire universe is an indivisible, ever-present conscious energy field that orchestrates the synchronization of events in order to aid us in awakening from the dream-like experiences of personal limitation; back to our limitless God-Self Realization.”

When one lacks true humility their actions will always stem from the guise of the human ego. The ego’s agenda is to create and reinforce a projected sense of separateness by polishing its self-image and standing out from others. A person with true spiritual humility (clear emptiness) in their selfless service to others avoids the trappings of seeking to enhance their illusory sense of identity through outward validation from others – in the name of fame, recognition, status, distinctions, rewards, praise, monetary gain, and power. This is very difficult for the conditioned human mind to accept, but it is the truth nonetheless.

“All great spiritual truths are timeless. They belong to no particular group, faith or individual. So how can anyone take the recognition, claim or credit for simply rearranging, rephrasing, paraphrasing or interpreting these universal truths, which they have learned at some point in their lives? All credit belongs to Source, God-Consciousness, alone.”

Truth cannot be said or understood through intellectual understanding alone, for the intellect does not go deep enough; it can only be known via direct experience. True spiritual knowledge and wisdom can serve in showing the way. It is likened to a finger pointing to the moon. All words about the truth are only mere fingers pointing to the moon; but do not accept the fingers as the moon itself. The moment we start attaching, obsessing, despising or having personal bias to the fingers, then we have completely missed the “whole point”. The fingers were not the point; the point was the moon (truth). It is the message of who we fundamentally are that is most important, not the form that the messenger momentarily takes on.

Anon I mus’ functions as a teacher to deliver the message of Oneness (Unity Consciousness), beyond the collective myth limitation and separation. Opening ourselves to this deeper understanding of life has the power to help others to transcend their own psychological suffering; creating direct access to their shapeless space of pure I AM awareness.  Awareness can be likened to the space that is around us, it is so simple that the mind often overlooks and misses this divine grace of Presence.



Questioner: Why do you take the trouble in remaining anonymous in the spiritual community, protecting your anonymity? What is the deeper meaning behind your actions?

Anon I mus: There is a tremendous sense of freedom and unshakable peace by going beyond my own mental construct of person-hood (self-image). This is done by embracing the deepest joy of my inner emptiness (spaciousness), my ‘inner nobodiness’. When we are responding to life from the spiritual dimension of our No-self, then we are present with all life and are truly free. It is important for me to assist others by way of example, by accepting my own nameless and formless essence; without the need of allowing my external, fictitious identity (person-hood) to be elevated on a pedestal with the unconscious need for external validation to appear ‘special’. We can never equate the formless One Life with a particular limited form (that would be falling back into the delusion of duality).

You can say that spirituality at its core is about representing our pure, ground of being as Non-Dual Spirit; the creative source of all manifestation. It is only through our emptiness which is the ground of all being and experiences in space-time that a perceived thing or quality can exist. The observing presence is not a ‘somebody’, it is an aware intelligence prior to the sense of otherness.  Of course, I also exist simultaneously in the relative world of experience as an apparent human that still functions and survives.  I fulfill certain social roles, duties and formalities; I still chop wood, pay taxes and carry water. It is about ‘being in the world, but not of it’. All of my tasks and societal responsibilities do not change in the world, but the quality of consciousness that I bring to those tasks drastically changes. My inner life (as a nobody) functions off the social ego-matrix grid.  I choose to serve others ‘anonymously’ behind the scenes – as spirit invisibly works behind the phenomenal world of forms. I would rather serve as nameless consciousness, temporarily engaging in human experiences rather than representing a human being trying to have spiritual experiences (it is all just a matter of perspectives). One must develop the courage to pass through the alchemic fires so that the clinging or objectification to form and be transformed, crystallized, and purified (completely dissolved). The unconditioned, alive presence of life in its pure state, has no interest in losing itself in a separate, body-mind phenomenon at the expense of the greater whole (Absolute Reality).

One of the best ways to rediscover our true nature is through the process of mindful self-negation (in peeling away, discarding all the false layers of conditioning and labels attached to our pure essence identity). Having the courage to go beyond one’s identification with a falsely conceived story standing apart from the rest of the universe. This personal and conventional mind-made ‘me and my story’ is an egoic mirage; built up from years of constantly changing ideas, reactions, limitations, preferences, images, emotions, physical senses, and social roles. Greater human suffering exists in identifying, clinging and protecting this unobserved mental construct as a separate, distinct you. All human suffering is comes from our allowing our unobserved psychological mind to run the show – unconsciously reacting to the narrative built by the content of thoughts and things in the world (which are all impermanent appearances projected onto the screen of awareness); they have no stability or independent autonomy in them (therefore they are not real).

We, at the deepest level are inseparably the one, ever-present space between and beyond all passing thoughts, sense perceptions, experiences, and so forth. There are no separate doers out there apart from the Cosmic Observing Witness (the Seer behind the seen); it is only  completeness with no spatial distance or imaginary boundaries between you and the other. The Self remains the unseen, unchanging backdrop (base container) onto which all manifestation come and go.

Through the process of inner detachment, you can relax in the expanded space and stillness of your witnessing awareness. As watchfulness, you no longer get entangled and dominated by the crippling weight of anxiety, neurosis, desires and attachment anymore (seeking for your sense of self in them). Therefore, you see all appearances in the mind objectively with dispassion; no longer threatened when they are inevitably subject to change or fall away. You are simply awareness being aware of yourself as unconditioned awareness, this is the pure state of inner knowingness.



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